Francophonie Festival

Organized to coincide with the Francophonie Summit to be hosted by France on 4 and 5 October 2024, the “Making a Better World” Francophonie Festival is an invitation to explore the dynamic artistic, cultural, societal, entrepreneurial and scientific dimensions of Francophone creation. Echoing the Summit's theme, “Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in French”, the festival will showcase a Francophonie that is vibrant, appealing, inventive and open to the world. The Francophonie Festival will take place across France, as well as online, on social media, and throughout the Francophone world.

“Making a Better World”: Francophonie, a driving force for global change

A festival in two parts

National, international and digital resonance

From 20 March to October 2024, discover a variety of events both in France and around the world, showcasing the wealth of Francophone creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. These events are supported by numerous French and Francophone partners: cultural figures, entrepreneurs, researchers and international cooperation bodies, as well as schools and higher education institutions, local authorities and the network of Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises worldwide.

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Throughout this period, the Cité Internationale de la Langue Française at the Château de Villers-Cotterêts (which will host the Francophonie Summit) will offer a cultural programme as part of the Festival.

October Days: The close of the Francophonie Festival

Save the date! The Francophonie Festival will take place from 2 to 6 October 2024 in Villers-Cotterêts and Paris. This eclectic event, open to all, will feature a variety of activities, including shows, concerts, debates, exhibitions, performances, masterclasses, screenings, a showcase of cultural, social and civic innovations, as well as engagements with many inspiring Francophone personalities from around the world. “FrancoTech”, the economic and technological part of the Francophonie Festival, will bring together Francophone entrepreneurs. A Francophonie Village will be organized jointly with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, its Member States and Governments taking part in the Summit, and its agencies.

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Message from the Commissioner of the Francophonie Festival

Francophonie, a driving force for global change

“Making a Better World”. This call to dream, reflect and act is the essence of the Francophonie Festival’s invitation to artists, thinkers, researchers and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

In a fragmented world, threatened by climate, geopolitical, technological and economic challenges, these inventors and creators showcase the transformative power of the French language, which, when embraced collectively, serves as a catalyst for creativity, invention and emotional expression, a tool for thought and dialogue, and a vector for cooperation and solidarity.

From March to October 2024, 33 countries, some 100 venues and more than 300 organizations – not to mention a host of spontaneous contributions – worldwide will be celebrating a vibrant, innovative Francophonie that embraces the diversity of other languages.

May the various initiatives arising from this movement, along with the inspirational influence of the individuals gathered together during these months, enlighten and empower us to act individually and collectively to repair, reinvent and re-enchant our world, in French.

Valérie Senghor

Deputy Secretary General of the Francophonie Summit

Commissioner of the Francophonie Festival




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